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n September 2013, Mitch
D. McCartney, Ph.D. joined
LEITR as our scientific
director, bringing more than
25 years’ experience in the
pharmaceutical industry,
focusing on ophthalmic
diseases. Dr. McCartney was
previously a director of research
at the Novartis Institute for
BioMedical Research. Prior to
his role at Novartis Institute,
he led an ocular research
group at Alcon Laboratories.
Dr. McCartney received his
doctorate from Dalhousie
University and was a post-
doctoral research associate at the University
of Louisville and the University of Tennessee.
Dr. McCartney has co-authored 100 scientific
papers and abstracts, has been a contributing
author in multiple books, and is a reviewer for
numerous scientific journals.
His arrival at LEITR marks the next and
most excitingphase inour fight against blindness.
We set out with a dream of
expanding our capabilities to
fight blindness beyond our
core eye banking mission
of providing corneas for
transplant, to meet the bigger
challenge of age-related eye
disease like glaucoma, macular
degeneration and diabetic
retinopathy. Dr. McCartney
believes that LEITR’s ability
to quickly recover eye tissue
after death along with our past
and current collaborations
with industry and academia
positions LEITR to further
advance ophthalmic research.
His vision for the future entails further
expanding academic and industry collabora-
tions, growing the bio-repository model and
engaging in independent research programs
and projects. With his expertise and experience
there is no doubt LEITR will continue to be a
leader in the fight against blindness.
Mitchell D. McCartney, Ph.D.
The future of ocular research is now at LEITR!
Ocular Research Leader
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