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Lions Eye Institute Newsletter
(40th Anniversary, continued)
the foundation. More than 60,000 men,
women and children around the globe
have received the gift of sight. Annually,
the foundation helps donate close to
$1 million in eye tissue to help those
who are blind or visually impaired. In
addition, the generous gifts designated
specifically for research of approximately
$250,000 has been set aside for future
scientific projects.
Awonderful short video presenta-
tion was released giving a glimpse of the
wonderful progress Lions Eye has made
over the years.
The video containedHelenKeller’s
inspirational charge to the Lions Clubs
to fight blindness.
Mr. Woody concluded the presen-
tation with this closing remark: “In the
next 12 months, we will invest more
than $300,000 in staff and equipment
to make our laboratory state of the art.
We intend to be the new pioneers in
ocular research.”
Tours of the Lions Eye Institute
were offered to guests after the brunch.
The tours gave the guests a full under-
standing of the facility and allowed
them to see the day-to-day activities
that take place. The Anniversary
event was a huge success, and we
are thankful for the encouragement
and support we have been given
over the years.
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