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Thank you to everyone
who came to celebrate our
4 decades of success!
In July, the Lions Eye Institute
hosted a wonderful anniversary
celebration to showcase our history,
to impart knowledge of the latest
research and to welcome our new
scientific director.
Community leaders, employees
and longtime friends of the Lions Eye
gathered at our headquarters to celebrate
our four decades of
serving those who
are blind or visually
impaired. We hosted
the celebration in our
ballroom and served
a lovely brunch of Old
Tampa favorites.
The celebration began with Jason
Woody, President and CEO of LEITR,
welcoming guests to our home. He noted
that the combined eye bank and research
center located at the same facility has
become “an invaluable differentiator for
our organization.”
One of the highlights of the
celebration was the introduction of
our new scientific director, Dr. Mitch
McCartney. Dr. McCartney’s extensive
background in the pharmaceutical
industry with a focus on ophthalmic
diseases will be an incredible addition
to the Lions Eye Staff. “LEITR has made
some significant research strides over
the past years, and I believe that is just
the beginning,” remarks Dr. McCartney.
Kelley Sims, foundation director
for LEITR, shared themany successes of
Lions Eye Institute Newsletter
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According to a statistic, an American becomes blind or
visually impaired every 7 minutes.
That equates to 8 people each and every hour of the
day. So how does it affect these individuals?
A study showed:
Most would trade their remaining years of
life for restored vision.
Legally blind patients report they would
be willing to trade 36% of their remaining
years to regain perfect vision.
Those with no light perception at all would
be willing to trade 74% of their remaining
years…3 out of every 4!
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