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Our vision is to help others see.
To improve visual outcomes and quality of life for those who are blind
or visually impaired through innovative ocular endeavors.
The Visionary:
is published by the Lions Eye Institute Foundation.
1410 N. 21st Street, Tampa, Florida 33605
Telephone - (813) 289-1200 Fax - (813) 242-7025
e science of sight. e gi of vision.™
Lions Eye Institute Foundation
Kelley K. Sims
Foundation Director
(813) 289-1200, ext. 256
Brittany Truitt
Foundation Associate
(813) 289-1200, ext. 247
Foundation Board of Directors
Effective May 21, 2013
Jason K. Woody
President and CEO
Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research, Inc.
Michael O’Rourke
, Chair
Founder, Scotia Vision Consultants
Kelley K. Sims
Foundation Director
James Conlin
Sr. Vice President, Investments Raymond James
Alex Dunser
Founder and Managing Partner, D2 Law Group
Raxit Shah
CEOThe Liberty Group of Companies
Ethen Shapiro
Shareholder, Hill, Ward & Henderson
June A. Suermann
Donor Awareness Spokesperson
Lorna Taylor
(Member at Large)
President and CEO, Premier Eye Care
Cathy Walton
, PDG*
Community Volunteer
Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research
Executive Staff
Jason K. Woody
President and CEO
(813) 289-1200, ext. 234
Kelley K. Sims
Foundation Director
(813) 289-1200, ext. 256
Beth Withrow
Director of Development &
Professional Relationships
Interim Director of Ocular Services
(813) 928-2016
Patrick K. Gore, RN, CEBT
Director of Business Development
(813) 289-1200, ext. 246
Carrie Thomas, MT
Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs
(813) 289-1200, ext. 245
Aharon Yoki
Director of Finance
(813) 289-1200, ext. 222
Dr. Mitch McCartney
Scientific Director
(813) 289-1200, ext. 229
Institute Board of Directors
President/Chief Executive Officer
Jason K. Woody
Medical Director
Lewis Groden, M.D.
David Rankin
Vice Chairman
John T. LiVecchi, MD
Immediate Past Chair
IPC Thomas “Thom” Barnhorn
Chief Counsel
Ronald A. Christaldi
Robert Capuano
Margie Franklin
Louis Cantrell, PDG
John Doyle
Dr. Duane Eichler
Kimberly Murray
Jarett Rieger
Daniel James Scott
James Stefan
John Unger
Frederick “Bud” Waldmann
*Lions Clubs International positions
PDG – Past District Governor
DG – District Governor
CEBT – Certified Eye Bank Technician
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