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Meet Dandi...
How long have you worked
at the Lions Eye Institute?
I have been with LEITR for 4
years. I started in June 2009 in the
Donor Services Department as a
DSC. In September 2011, I moved
into a position in the Quality Assurance
(QA) Department as a QA Coordinator.
I have loved both of my roles at LEITR.
After two and a half years of working with
families, I thought QA would be a great
change and fit for my personality. I love
being a part of the QA team.
Tell me more about what a QA
Coordinator does?
The primary responsibility of a Quality
Assurance Coordinator is to review
donor medical histories to determine
donor eligibility and tissue suitability.
The QACoordinator ensures compliance
with FDA, EBAA, and other state and/
or federal regulatory agencies. The
QA coordinator is a medical director
designee dedicated to ensuring
medical suitability before the release of
transplantable tissue. Everything that we
do is to ensure that the tissue is safe for
our recipients.
What is one thing you enjoy about
your job here at LEITR?
I enjoy the is the spice of life
after all! Bottom line is that my job is
always interesting. I am continually being
exposed to something new. If I don’t have
the answer, I have a pool of resources
available to find it. I love the satisfaction
I get learning something new and sharing
that knowledge to help improve the quality
of life for others.
What does a typical day look like?
The one thing typical about my day is that
every day is atypical. Every single case is
different. Yep, never a dull moment inQA,
that is for sure. However, my daily goal
never changes. The challenge is always
to clear cases as quickly and efficiently
as possible to meet our surgeons’ needs.
What is something unique about a
QA coordinator position?
One of the unique aspects of QA and
something I love is the amount of people I
interact with on any given day. Every day
I have an opportunity to communicate
with donor services staff, recovery services
staff, our partner agencies, medical
examiners and hospital personnel.
Where do you see your future?
I see myself at LEITR. I absolutely love
what I do, who I work for and with on a
daily basis, and howmy job serves others.
In 1 year, 5 years or 20 years, I hope to
still be here!
A Day in the Life
Dandi Whitson
Quality Assurance
Jennifer Watson
Memorial Plaque
Last August, a dear friend and dedicated
LEITR employee passed away.
was so passionate about
helping to give the gift of sight, and we miss
her every day. To help continue her legacy,
each year, one person in need will now receive a corneal
transplant in her name. Her legacy will always live on
here at LEITR.
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