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Revving up
for Donor
Joey Gase is a Nationwide Series
race car driver. He is also a donor family
member. At age 18, Joey lost his mother,
Mary Jo, unexpectedly. As her legal next
of kin, Joey was then asked about organ
and tissue donation on her behalf. He
said, “yes.”
Since then, Joey has been an
advocate for donation. The awareness
that he generates has been a tremendous
help to organ, eye and tissue donation.
Recently, Lions Eye Institute
sponsored Joey at Daytona International
Speedway. LEITR is proud to partner with
Joey in his continual efforts for donation.
Matching Gifts
Many employers sponsor matching gift
programs and will match any charitable
contributions made by their employees. If
your company is eligible, request a matching
gift form from your employer, and send it
completed and signed with your gift. We
will do the rest. The impact of your gift to
our organizationmay be doubled or possibly
tripled! Some companies also match gifts
made by retirees and/or spouses.
Planned Giving
The question becomes:
is it better to give more now or to wait?
Deferred giving, such as through a bequest or
charitable trust, is one of several opportunities
to contribute to the Lions Eye Institute
Foundation. It allows for immediate tax and
estate planning benefits. A deferred gift is an
attractive vehicle for donors who need the
ongoing income from those assets or trusts.
If a deferred gift does not meet your needs,
consider the benefits of greater giving now.
Professional planning allows you to make
a larger gift now and witness the impact of
your gift during your lifetime. Contributions
are tax deductible and all contributions are
officially acknowledged by the Foundation. In
addition to gifts of cash, donors may provide
support to the Foundation and personally
benefit from their contributions in other ways.
We would be pleased to talk with you about
the many choices to give.
• Publicly Traded Stocks
or Securities
• Real Estate • Personal Property
• Life Insurance • Bequests
• Gift Annuity
• Charitable Remainder Trusts
For further information
about planned giving
opportunities, please contact
Kelley Sims at the Lions
Eye Institute Foundation at
We thank you for
investing in the science
of sight by considering
Lions Eye Institute
What’s YOUR Choice?
Are you aware that your financial group
could be giving back to non-profit
organizations? Even better YOU can help
chose where these funds are distributed!
One of our partners,Thrivent Financial has
given backmore than $120million to help
congregations, educational institutions
and other nonprofit organizations. Be
sure to check your financial group to see
if they have a program where you can be
giving back to your favorite non-profit,
The Lions Eye Institute!
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