The Visionary - page 10

ust as the Lions Eye Institute worked
from its earliest days to create a
brighter future for those facing
blindness and visual impairment, its
Foundation was added in 2006 to raise
funds for those who were in need of
financial assistance in order to reach
that future.
Here are just a few of milestones
we’ve reached together...
From the beginning...
...a vision for the future.
The Foundation funds a group to rocket off
to Space Camp designed for blind children
We enlist the help of corporate partners to enhance our programs
through updated technology throughout our facility…through the
addition of furnished sleep suites for our research guests…
and with additional vehicles to improve our procurement process.
The Tree of Remembrance is
dedicated to those who make the
gift of corneal donation
The Tampa Bay
Community Embraces
the Eye Ball
Kelley K. Sims
Foundation Director
Lions Eye Institute Newsletter
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