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n a continued effort to lead the
global fight against blinding
eye disease, Lions Eye Institute
(LEITR) organized and funded a
humanitarian and educational trip
for a group of physicians from Cuba
to share best practices in eye banking
and cornea transplantation.
Drs. Reinaldo Rios Caso,
Zaadia Perez Parra and Alexeide de
la Caridad Castillo Perez, from the
Ramon Pando Ferrer Cuban Institute
of Ophthalmology joined LEITR for
a week-long visit to train on how to
develop corneal grafts using new
techniques as well as how to build
their eye bank infrastructure. This
long-standing relationship with
Cuban ophthalmologists is thanks
to a Greater Tampa Chamber of
Commerce visit last year.
imilarly, Dr. Oleg Ilyukhin,
a Russian vitreoretinal
surgeon from Moscow came to
LEITR to collaborate with our team.
His dream is to start offering corneal
transplantations in his hospital, so
they, too, can provide the “gift of
sight.” In a country with a population
of just under 143 million people, Dr.
Ilyukhin’s ultimate goal is to open an
eye bank in his hospital which is one
of the largest in Moscow. LEITR is
happy to assist with the training of the
surgeons and staff as well as navigating
the logistics of this endeavor.
These cultural exchanges are
extremely important as they not only
contribute intellectual advancement
of cornea transplantation, but to
the economic development of these
Pictured between Jason Woody,
President/CEO and Eric Abdullayev,
MD, Senior Manager of Laboratory
Operations of Lions Eye Institute is
Dr. Oleg Ilyukhin
Reaching Beyond
Our Borders
One organ, eye
and tissue donor can
save and heal more
than 50 lives
Donating your
cornea could restore
sight to two people
90% of visually
impaired people
live in developing
285 million people
are estimated to be
visually impaired
worldwide: 39 million
are blind and 246 have
low vision
Globally, 80% of
all visual impairment
can be prevented
or cured
Your support
helps us
find a cure!
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