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*Lions Clubs International positions
PDG – Past District Governor
DG – District Governor
CEBT – Certified Eye Bank Technician
2 | Lions Eye Institute Newsletter
Our vision is to help others see.
To improve visual outcomes and quality of life for
those who are blind or visually impaired through
innovative ocular endeavors.
The Visionary is published by the
Lions Eye Institute Foundation.
1410 N. 21st Street, Tampa, Florida 33605
Telephone - (813) 289-1200 Fax - (813) 242-7025
The people
have touched!
orn with Peter’s Anomaly and Glaucoma, my parents were
told I was doomed to little sight for the rest of my life. I grew
up as a “normal” kid, just with low vision. I played outside, rode a bike;
everything a child with full vision would do.
At 9, I became a candidate for a cornea transplant with cataract
removal. Cataracts had blocked out so much light, when they were gone,
it was like having a flashlight to my eye. After 3 days I opened my eyes
to a world with leaves on trees and individual blades of grass. My room
was a color I had never seen, purple.
In HS I became light sensitive again with secondary cataracts. After
three laser removal procedures on the right and 2 on my left, my sight
was restored. Then exciting news, CONTACTS! With my left contact, I
saw so many new things; the beach, NY City, my everyday life.
After more than 35 different contacts on the right eye, two years of
waiting and many tears, my vision went from 20/1200 to 20/200. It was
uncomfortable but worth it. I COULD SEE!
As a new mother, I can see my daughter’s smile and look into her
beautiful eyes. Vision allows me to see if she has a scratch or a rash, read
the medicine dropper, see inside the bottle when cleaning it and to fill out
papers at the doctor’s. Peter’s Anomaly is genetic. My daughter was born
with an ocular opacity in one eye. It is unknown if she too will require a
transplant; only time will tell.
None of this would have been possible if not for the cornea transplants.
I have received a gift that most people take for granted. I am grateful for
the gift of sight.
As a new
mother, I
can see my
and look
into her
and her
Lions Eye Institute
for Transplant &
Executive Staff
Jason K.Woody
President and CEO
(813) 289-1200, ext. 234
Dana Caggia
Executive Assistant
813-289-1200 x 290
Director of Finance
(813) 289-1200, ext. 222
Mitch McCartney, Ph.D
Scientific Director
(813) 289-1200, ext. 229
Andrew Mullins
Director of Ocular Services
(813)289-1200, ext. 245
Mikelanne Schipper
Director of Quality and
Regulatory Affairs
(813)289-1200, ext. 249
Institute Board of
President/Chief Executive Officer
Jason K.Woody
Medical Director
Lewis Groden, MD
Kimberly Murray
Vice Chairman
Jarett Rieger
Immediate Past Chair
JohnT. LiVecchi, MD
Chief Counsel
Ronald A. Christaldi
Jim Stefan
Mark Andrzejewski
David Rankin
Daniel James Scott
Bran Springer
Mike Suarez
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