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Fromour perspective,
we should all have sight.
ur dedicated
employees play
a vital role to those in
need. In my 25 years
at LEITR, they have
always shown a true
commitment to our cause
and the desire to serve others.
They steadfastly help donor families
fulfill their wishes and those of their
loved ones, while bringing to hope to
waiting transplant patients. Over the
years as other non-profits struggled, we
not only survived, but we are recognized
as one of the top eye banks for transplant
and research in the world.We are proud
of our many long-term employees
and pride ourselves on ensuring their
job security through the good and
difficult times.We know this is best for
those that we serve. A lot has changed
over our 43 years. We are constantly
faced with higher
regulatory demands,
and reduced health-
care reimbursement,
and an ever-changing
environment for non-
profits. Certainly I have
seen this in my 25 years,
especially in the last 5 years as we
continued to meet the needs of our
communitywhile sustaining a growing
organization that will last for decades
and beyond. But what really strikes
me is what hasn’t changed. As with our
humble start in 1973, we have never
wavered from our clear purpose and
strong conviction to help those in need.
Today, we remain true
to our founding
roots and look forward to the future.
This month, the
Lions Eye Institute for
Transplant & Research
celebrates 43 years
of bringing the
“Gift of Sight”
to those that are
blind or visually
Jason K. Woody
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