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25 Years
of Dedication and
President/Chief Executive Officer
Jason K. Woody
n today’s world, it is unheard of for one person
tomaintain a level of dedication to a mission
that spans a quarter of a century. But, Lions
Eye Institute for Transplant and Research’s (LEITR)
president and CEO, Jason Woody, recently celebrated
25 years with Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and
It is hard to overstate the meaningful contribut-
ions Jason hasmade since joining LEITR in 1990. He has
influenced all facets of the organization from employee
growth to creating an innovative business model. And,
he has been an unwavering advocate for our mission to
help those who are blind and visually impaired.
“Early on, I was passionate about adapting
LEITR’s business model. Through team and industry
collaboration, we successfully filled an industry need,”
says Jason. “I know what it is like to have a family
member suffer with a visual impairment and I am
committed to have LEITR help as many people
as it possibly can.”
As LEITR’s president and CEO, the staff has
increased from 10 to more than 70 employees.
We now have six offices serving the 61 out of the
67 Florida counties we cover. This growth has
increased the lives touched by the “gift of sight”
from 100 to more than 3,000 per year.
Jason’s vision for furthering ocular research led
to the development of our 50,000 square foot research
facility. By hiring their first scientific director, the
Institute has expanded the research efforts so scientists
can understand the complexities of eye disease and
help find solutions that will ultimately lead to ending
blindness. He has also boosted LEITR’s foundation by
committing to to endow a half a million dollars that
will allow qualified recipients throughout the state of
Florida to receive corneal eye transplants.
Locally, the Tampa City Council recently
recognized Woody with a commendation signed by
all council members that highlighted his 25 years of
dedicated service and “the positive impact he has made
as a leader in our community.”
As this year’s Chairman of the Board for Donate
Life America, Jason is actively involved in supporting
the increase of donor designation in the United States
on a national platform.
“Donate Life America has been fortunate
to have Mr. Woody as a leader and advocate for
many years. We are particularly grateful for his
willingness increase his commitment to our
cause as by serving as the organization’s board
chairperson,” said G. David Fleming, President
& CEO, Donate Life America.
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