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We would like to congratulate
our President & CEO,
for his appointment to the
Board of Directors of The Greater
Tampa Chamber of Commerce
Jason’s leadership ability and his
commitment to our organization
and the community will serve him
well in this new capacity. We are
proud to have him represent Lions
Eye Institute.
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BarbaraC.Wolf,M.D., the Chief
District Medical Examiner,
and her staff are responsible for
the cornea and eye donation
programs in the region. As a
visionary in her field, Dr. Wolf is
always looking for ways to improve their
processes to continue their efforts in
offering safe, viable cornea and eye tissue
to Lions Eye. For instance, our recovery
staff is allowed access to her facility 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. By offering
such rare accessibility, she assures the
time between the death of the donor and
preservation of the cornea is minimized
which translates to higher quality tissue
for the surgeon and recipient.
But, it doesn’t end there; Dr. Wolf
and her team go the extra mile for their
community with their commitment
to organ donation. They understand
organ, eye and tissue donation not only
benefits the recipients, but also the
grieving families whomay find comfort
in knowing that their loved one might
be able to help heal or even
save the life of someone else.
So, the staff compassionately
explains the donation process
to the families who come
through their facility, focusing on
what the program does and who it can
potentially help.
Working collaboratively with Dr.
Wolf and theDistrict 5Medical Examiner
Office is a powerful tool that has the
potential to improve the health and well-
being of a community by decreasing
the organ, eye and tissue shortage that
affects thousands of people each day.
Because of this relationship, the team
has helped Lions Eye Institute provide
114 corneas for transplant surgery, and
88 eye tissues for our research programs.
We are honored toworkwithDr. Barbara
Wolf, Dr. Wendy Lavezzi, Kyle Shaw
and the rest of the staff. But more
importantly, we are grateful for the
partnership and the opportunity to
provide the gift of vision.
8 | Lions Eye Institute Newsletter
We value your partnership
When people who share a passion work together to achieve
a common purpose, something magical happens, a true
partnership is formed. These meaningful collaborations,
with trust at its core, are the foundation for our success. Take,
for instance, the long history between Lions Eye Institute and
the District 5 Medical Examiner Office, the facility that serves
Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, and Sumter counties.
These are the District 5 Investigators
Brett Harding • Todd Bronson • Krystal Locklear • Keara Dotson • Dona Faber • Melissa Pope • Kenyon Hopkins
Are you interested in learning
more about Lions Eye?
Take a tour of our facility in
historic Ybor City.
Contact Angela Pottinger,
Foundation Development
Coordinator at 813-289-1200
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