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he population is aging rapidly and
coupledwith increased life expectancy,
we are seeing higher rates of blindness and
visual impairments. As a consequence,
our operating environment is changing
quickly. Positioning ourselves to meet
the challenges and opportunities of this
changing healthcare arena has been
fundamental at Lions Eye Institute this year.
We’ve again delivered on our pledge
to be a company built to last. Our Strategic
Planhas proven to be a powerful framework
for pursuing the organization’s strategic
imperatives. The Plan articulates our desire to be the first choice for corneal
surgeons and researchers worldwide. As an organization, we recognize that
we have three fundamental pillars on which to focus: Our Customers, Our
People and Our Company.
Our customers remain at the heart of everything we do each and every
day. Tomaintain this core belief as well as serve our growing customer base,
we must concentrate on investing in existing and new services in 2015/2016.
The challenge is our customers now have more options than ever before.
We are witnessing an increase in competition which has rarely been seen
in a non-profit environment. At the end of the day, this is not necessarily a
bad thing if it means better services and access to those in need.
At Lions Eye Institute we are working diligently to care for our
employees. Our goal is to be their employer of choice as their careers grow.
So, we conducted an employee survey in 2014 that highlighted their belief
and commitment to the organization. In addition, there were opportunities
noted to increase employee engagement through culture and communication
initiatives. Our turnover rate remains relatively steady andwell below industry
standards. Across the organization, our priority is to build a passionate,
caring, committed and high performing workforce. Our success is reflected
in the outstanding loyalty of our employees.
On the final front, our company has moved to focus on the men,
women and children that we serve. By investing $500,000 over 5 years,
we vow to assist those who are blind or visually impaired with donated
tissue so they too can experience the wonders of sight. Additionally, we
have committed to investing in our research technologies ensuring our
viability for the future.
There is no doubt we are in the midst of an atmosphere of change,
but it is not something to be feared. The Lions Eye Institute is confidently
embracing the opportunities of this major transformation. We are indeed
leading the industry to bring sight to people who are blind or visually
impaired and changing lives across the globe.
Strategizing on Our
Future – Focusing on
Jason K. Woody
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